Dailey Fitness | Training for Warriors Greensboro


We’re all facing battles.

We’re battling the alarm clock, the food industry, the political environment, aging, the threat of disease. I’ve built my facility to be a place where you’ll gain strength, confidence and a community — all geared toward helping you triumph over the various challenges in your day to day. This is not just training to lose weight, sculpt and tone; this is training for the battlefield of life. I want to transform lives, and this is my way of going about it.


A system good enough to train the top martial arts fighters in the world — delivered in fun, energetic workouts for students of all fitness levels.

At Training for Warriors Greensboro, we help our students gain strength, self-awareness and confidence to face the battlefield of life — and triumph. Based on the approach that successfully increased the performance and self-esteem of the world’s top athletes, TFW believes that everyone, not just high-level athletes, should be able to move better, feel better and live, longer pain-free lives — regardless of your age or fitness level. The dojo is an environment that emphasizes cooperation, not competition. Here, you’ll engage in fun workouts that help develop muscular strength and mental fortitude to tackle your challenges while reaching your fitness goals and becoming part of a supportive community along the way.


This is not a gym; it’s a dojo.

Did you know that “dojo” literally means the way to enlightenment? Training for Warriors is a place you go to learn more about the warrior inside you. My students aren’t gym junkies — they’re average people of absolutely every age and fitness level. We’re about cooperation, not competition. In the dojo, you’ll see lots of high-fives. After all, we’re in this together. Camaraderie makes the group training FUN. At TFW, positive energy is ever flowing. Each member receives inspiring words as they train, and we celebrate all victories — big and small! When you “Join the resistance,” you’ll find all the motivation and fitness education you need to resist the negatives coming at us all from many different fronts. That’s what Training for Warriors is about: Building a warrior within to triumph over the battles you’re already fighting.


Every warrior needs a creed. This is ours.

I am committed to helping you transform your life and become the best version of yourself. Our creed — not just in the dojo, but in life — is to strive to get 1% BETTER each day. We encourage everyone who trains here to grow in that mindset. As part of our familia, you’ll have no problem achieving that goal.